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Yesterday, October 7, 2013, Mountain Mutt Media was featured on WBIR-TV’s (Knoxville, TN) 5 o’clock news with John Becker!

Mountain Mutt Media WBIR-tv Knoxville TN Jennie Huettel John Becker pet photogrpahy dog photographerThanks to my sister, Amy, for the screenshots above!  Click on the photo above to view the video!

Last January, I applied to be a part of the Propel program with the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce.  I didn’t think I had a chance in making it into the program, I was just a pet photographer with no employees.  Well, much to my surprise, I was accepted!

The Propel program pairs you up with a local mentor and give you the resources to help you in the first few years of your business.  It is an amazing program, but it is what you make of it! They aren’t going to run your business for you, but they will help give you the tools for you to run your business successfully!  I have met some great people through this program and it has helped expand my network tremendously!

I got the call at 10:30am yesterday that I was to be at the TV station by 4:45pm to be on the 5:00pm news!  Ahhhhhhhh!  I was instantly nervous!  What will I say?  What do I wear?  What if I mess up on LIVE TELEVISION?!?!?  So, I answered one of those questions by going to the mall! I had some great sales-ladies help me put together a tv-worthy outfit that was still my style.  Most of you who know me know that I’m not the suit and high heels type of girl.  After all, I am a dog photographer!  My work attire is gym shoes or my Chaco sandals with shorts and a tshirt!  When you have to roll around on the ground with your photography subject, high heels don’t work!

So after getting my outfit squared away, I had to figure out what I was going to say.  I put together my elevator speech and tried to keep myself busy or I would stress myself even more!  When I got the the TV station, Ellie Mae, my beagle-mix rescue, took a #2 right in front of the front door!  Ahhh!  At least it wasn’t indoors and I was prepared with poop bags.  Seems she was a little nervous as well!  =)

Mountain Mutt Media WBIR-tv Knoxville TN Jennie Huettel John Becker pet photogrpahy dog photographer

We made it inside and had to wait in “The Green Room”. Wow! Sounds super official, but it turns out its just a small room with chairs next to where they were filming.  Ellie Mae was greeted by all and she did her famous roll-on-my-belly-and-pet-me trick, which everyone loves!  (I’m pretty sure she’s has us humans all figured out!)  We went over some questions that might come up and then the door opens and they say-“You’re on!”  Instantaneously my nerves calmed down and I felt right at home on the stage!  I had no idea I was going to actually be comfortable considering how my stomach felt up to that point!  They put our mic’s on and after about 30 seconds of small talk we were on!

As soon as it was over, I already wanted to do it again!  haha!  It was so much fun and I think Ellie Mae enjoyed the attention as well!  A special thanks to Doug Minter of the Propel program for choosing us to be featured!  Now that I’m addicted to the stardom, hopefully I’ll be able to post more tv appearances here!  😉